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Nani Creative

Nani Creative is proud to deliver design and marketing services, that are relatable and meaningful to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians.

Our authentic translation of traditional styles into designed-for-purpose communications, brings an opportunity to share knowledge, stories and to learn about culture. We also facilitate creative collaboration, working in consultation with artists to ensure artistic expression retains meaning and cultural integrity.

This isn’t the kind of agency you work with when you want to tick a box. You’re here because Aboriginal insight is a meaningful thread in shaping powerful stories. These stories are handled with care because they are the lifeblood of culture. And, when you translate that blood into a texture of modern design, you’re witnessing the strength and celebration of the Indigenous perspective.

Nani is bridging the gap between brands and how they engage with Indigenous culture and creativity. We’re creating safe spaces as well as deadly designs; answering questions as well as guiding you with the knowledge we have. By taking the time to consult with communities – while understanding and advocating for our client’s needs – we create strikingly original and culturally rich designs that build brands.

There’s a greater purpose in all this and it’s powered by what’s to come. More yarns, self-determination, authenticity, and more great work. Finding a future where an Aboriginal-led agency isn’t the exception but the norm.


  • Aboriginal Tourism & Environmental Graphics
  • Brand Strategy & Identity Design
  • Corporate Communications & Reconciliation Action Plans
  • Cultural Consultation, Artist Engagement and Content Creation
  • Motion Graphics, Animation & Illustration
  • Creative Workshops & Skills Training
  • Design for print and digital

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Leigh Wood
  • 0413 064 189