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Marnta Pty Ltd

Marnta Pty Ltd is an Aboriginal owned entity with three primary business units that focus on the proliferation and sustainability of Aboriginal culture, people and products.

Marnta Sandalwood

Marnta Sandalwood is an Aboriginal owned sandalwood harvesting, seeding and oil product company based in Leonora Western Australia. The business is committed to sustainable harvesting and management of Sandalwood trees in the wild.

We create oils for luxury skincare and fragrance from dead sandalwood trees, and sandalwood nut oil harvested from local trees grown on WA plantations. We only harvest dead sandalwood trees in the wild, and plant seeds to promote new growth and sustain the species.

We are committed to a sustainable future for Aboriginal people, living and working on the land caring for a species of plant that has supported and sustained Aboriginal people for generations.


  • Sandalwood Harvesting
  • Sandalwood Seeding
  • Sandalwood Oils

My Culture Story

Kado Muir is a cultural protocol custodian under Ngalia Aboriginal cultural ways. In this podcast series he shares insights, knowledge and stories to help create understanding and awareness that leads to opportunities for sharing and understanding across cultural spaces.


  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness

Kado Muir Consulting

Kado Muir is a skilled negotiator, strategic thinker, community based researcher and cultural intellect. He is one of the most experienced Aboriginal Anthropologists in Australia with over 30 years’ experience, working with Aboriginal people in Cultural Heritage Management, Traditional Ecological Knowledge, identifying Customary Wealth in First Nations and Defending Country through native title processes and direct action (activism).


  • Anthropology & Archaeology research
  • Aboriginal Heritage Surveys
  • Wealth in First Nations consulting